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Cenotaph parade 2018

Cenotaph Parade - Once again there was a very good turn-out by members of the Association for this year's parade, which commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the ending of the First World War. Although he didn't march this year, Brian Scott again took care of the planning and organisation. We would like to point out that, although the planning is carried out by Brain in the name of RAFLING, participation in the parade is not restricted to members of the Association. All ex-linguists and those from associated trades are welcome to take part. So, if you know of anyone who might be interested and who qualifies, please pass the word. Those taking part this year were; Ralph Sainthouse, Tim Hutchinson. Frank Johnston, Dave Johnson, Roger Mayhew, Ken Parkin, John Kelland, Tony Saunders, Lee Bryant, Frank Morley, Richard Osler, David Jackson plus five. Our thanks go to Lee Bryant for the photos.

leicester reunion 2018

Click on image for a selection of photos from the recent Leicester Reunion.


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